Workshops and public actions in which the exchange of looks between public and performers is impossible by the use of sculptural glasses. In each public action, a new configuration and new glasses are articulated, taking into account the demands of the place.


Exhibition Instauração | Curated by Ananda Carvalho | Sesc Belezinho 2017

SP Escola de Teatro 2017

OMA Gallery 2018

Exhibition SCAPELAND | Curated by Laerte Ramos | Marta Tabra Gallery at Memorial da América Latina 2018

Exhibition Fundo Falso | Curated by Josué Mattos | Adelina Gallery 2018

Event (im)perfeições | Sesc Bauru and UNESP 2018

Museum of Modern Art São Paulo 2019

Concept: Renan Marcondes

Performers: Carolina Callegaro, Chico Lima, Cauê Gouveia, Selma Maria Barreto, Julia Cavazzini, Juliana Bueno, Marina Frascareli, Daniele Araujo, Manoela De Mare, Vitória Galhardo, Thathá, Carolina Callegaro, Daniele Queiroz, Renan Marcondes e público da exposição Fundo Falso.

Objects: ZANG

Videos: BRUTA Flor Filmes