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08/25 | 13h - 17h

live streaming performance

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live streaming performance

+ infos:

Renan Marcondes' project consists of a performer who walks, on all fours, around exhibition and institutional spaces, carrying on his back a podium made of wood. Instead of climbing on the podium, the performer only carries it, like a pack animal carrying the object to another human. His path, however, is a constant regression, pointing critically to the demands of competition and dispute that also exist in the field of art and to an idea of progress. Always out of institutional spaces, it also points to the absence of performance in art collections.


Its title refers to the homonymous play by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht, a story with two versions in which the law and the possibility of saying “no” to social norms and customs are discussed. The action must always be carried out on the external perimeter of contemporary art spaces, such as galleries, fairs, halls, museums, etc. What can exist within these spaces are only records and objects, but the action always takes place outside.


The first executions of this project, however, take shape within the context of the Covid 19 pandemic. From a link, the audience will be able to see the performer for hours stuck in his studio, using the podium. In this way, the public occupies a position of voyeur, seeing the artist without him knowing who is watching him or for how long.


Conception and performance: Renan Marcondes | Object: ZANG