ARTIST'S TASKS: the illustrator


In this action, six performers perform over two hours a program in which they press their bodies against each other and produce saliva. Every half hour, this saliva is collected and arranged on a sheet of graph paper, producing a drawing that is delivered to the public. The drawing materializes and visualizes internal processes of the body, which happen independently of the actions of the performers.

Sesc Paulista Avenue / march 2019

Direction: Renan Marcondes

Performance and creation: Carolina Callegaro, Clarissa Sacchelli, Chico Lima, Leandro de Souza, Suiá Ferlauto, Raul Rachou.

Lighting design: Laura Salerno

Object: ZANG

Production: Melanina Produções Culturais

Photos: Mayra Azzi

ARTIST'S TASKS: the painter


In this action, I attempt to destroy a large canvas where I wrote sentences about a possible future for performing arts and contemporary art.

BREU art sapce / march 2020

Direction and performance: Renan Marcondes