Performance created from the early death of my mother. On it, me and Raul Rachou (dancer with 40 years of trajectory) invited 4 women to copy the gestures of Fernanda Montenegro in the film A falecida, released the same year that my mother was born. Imagining that the film will always be her age and will live forever, we perform on the scene the gestures together with the original video and the execution by the women, making tradition and memory operate performatively.


research developed with Prize of Creation in residence for young choreographers of the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo 2018

premiere at Sesc Consolação 2018


Conception: Renan Marcondes

Creation and performance: Renan Marcondes and Raul Rachou

Performance (video): Selma Maria, Selma Marcondes, Tetembua Dandara e Neuza Poli 

Lighting design: Lui Seixas

Objects: Zang

Provocative: Clarissa Sacchelli and Carolina Callegaro Cenotecnia: Guilherme Schultz

Soundtrack: Sergio Abdalla

Production: Tetembua Dandara

Videos: BRUTA Flor Filmes